Phase I of the website creation process

We will accomplish the following:

  1. Determine Your Needs – We talk about what you want to do accomplish with your website.

    • Do you want to sell items or services online?
    • Do you just need to offer information?
    • Do you need forms that people will fill out?
    • What would you like the site to look like?
    • Do you want photos on the site?

      • If you want photos but don’t have any, what is the best way to get the graphics you want?
    • Do you need to have maps and directions?

  2. Domain Name Registration – That thing. This will cost about $10 / year. Think of this like going to the county clerk and getting a DBA. This gives you a name to use, but no office space. For a place to actually put the files of the website, we then choose:

  3. Web Hosting – What web host I help you to decide to use depends on what you want to do with your website. If your needs are very simple and you just want to have a few simple pages, I can host the site myself for $99/year, if you want to do other things like have a forum, shopping cart, password protected directories, website statistics, etc, then I will help you choose the right host for you needs.

  4. Keywords for Search Engines – If you want people to find your site when using the search engines, we will determine what those should be, and discuss how we can seed your site with them so that when the search engine spiders come to the site to index it, it will help you in the rankings.

  5. Basic Site Structure – Even before we figure out what photos need to be used and you write the content to fill the pages, we will come up with a basic site skeleton that will make the job of creating content easier. I will create a directory on my website just for you that will be the place I upload the site for your feedback. You will be the only one that has the address.

Phase II – Doing the dirty work

The time involved for this part of the process depends on how much time you have to devote, and what my schedule is for the projects I am working on.

  1. Creating the content – writing the text (you do the writing but I will help you if you need), choosing graphics, photos, editing photos and other graphics, converting any sound or video to the form best for the web, creating any forms, pdf files.
  2. Making the site look the way YOU want – Choosing colors, layout, sizing and placement of graphics and photos, tweaking the site structure.
  3. Making the site available to the public – Once you feel the site has the look and feel that you want, with the content you want, then we are done with Phase II. Final payment is made to me and I publish the site so that it is available to the public.

Phase III – Search Engines (optional)

The total cost for this depends on the needs for the website. This can be done by me, you, or a third party.

  1. Submit the site to the Search Engines for Indexing –  It can take the search engines up to 3 months to index a site, so you might also want to consider the following:
  2. Google Adwords or Yahoo Sponsored Searches – for as little as 5 cents / click you can be in the sponsored section of the search engines. A friend of mine wanted to rent her house that was close to the 2006 Detroit Superbowl. With only a couple of weeks before the superbowl, we couldn’t hope to be indexed by the search engines. I created a long list of keyword combinations that I entered into Google Adwords – we had over 6400 impressions on searches, with 250 clicks. Total Adwords cost was about $11, and she rented the house for $9500 for the week.

Phase IV – Maintenance

This can be done by me or you. If you decide to do it, then you will need to learn wordpress if that is what we choose to create the site with (this site is wordpress). If you decide to have me make changes, I bill for my time, minimum time billed is 15 minutes.

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