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ecwid shopping cart for wordpress, facebook

I just learned about the ecwid shopping cart for ecommerce and wordpress the other day.  I’ve been very busy learning how to use and tweak it’s use with wordpress.  You can also use it for Facebook, which is my next thing to figure out.

It has been very easy for me to use, compared to the other shopping cart softrware available for wordpress that I’ve been trying.  It looks great too!  They just had a major upgrade to the software Dec 15th, so I’m quite lucky to have happened upon it just now.  Plus, it’s FREE!

You need to go to the ecwid site and sign up for a FREE account to begin with.  Setting up your store at the site is very easy.  You will get a store ID which you will need for linking in with wordpress, but you don’t have to do much on the wordpress side.

I’ll add some links to what I’ve created for clients as they go online.